Multiplatform Editor





Along with Scholastic, I have also been published on multiple other sites. As an audience engagement editor, I enjoy finding various methods through which to tell stories and reach new groups of readers.


At the los angeles times

As a part of the podcast project, “Larger Than Life,” I created and managed a Facebook group corresponding to the rollout of the project and the podcast episodes. The group thrived on a direct connection between group members and the podcast’s reporter, Daniel Miller. Ultimately, the group came to have over 1,000 members, and remains an active community.


online news association

I was selected to be a member of the social team at the 2019 Online News Association conference, where I live-tweeted and live-blogged a selection of panels. Examples include this featured session, this masterclass and this one.


at the new york times

I wrote the Back Story on The New York Times Morning Briefing on Dec. 31, 2018. The overall briefing, with the Back Story at the bottom, can be found here.



During my sophomore year at Notre Dame, I was the student writer for the College of Arts and Letters’ communications office. There, I was trained thoroughly in a public relations shop, interviewing professors, alumni and fellow students. The stories ranged from individual profiles to thematic pieces. Many of them can be found at this link.


notre dame magazine

As a senior, I organized and led Scholastic’s 150th anniversary weekend. Along with creating publications for the returning editors, I also wrote a piece for Notre Dame Magazine’s website on the anniversary and the history behind it. That piece can be found here.